Saturday, June 19, 2021

Don't get the wrong mud for your drywall project.

A common mistake made by amateur drywallers and finishers is selecting the wrong mud. Use an “fast setting” compound for the first, second or each additional coat—except the final coat. The final coat it is recommended using a All-purpose/ pre mixed compound. It will go on smoothly and create a fine surface and sand easily. It is also not a bad idea to mix the premix mud with a electric drill and a paddle bit or "potato masher type mixer" if available. Adding a small amount of water may also help with a smooth application of compound to joints.
So... unless you’re an experienced taper, it is recommended you steer clear of “fast-setting,” or “hot,” 15/30/60/90 minute mud that dries very quickly. Hot mud can set up before you have a chance to smooth it out, and leave you with a lot of extra sanding.

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